Turning Your Vision into Sound

Professional Dialogue Editing

We utilise proven industry standard dialogue editing practices, to maximise productivity and deliver a superior sounding dialogue mix, increasing production value of your film.

Sound Effect Recording

To create compelling sound design we use top of the market audio recorders and microphones to capture the highest quality custom sound effect recordings.

Professional Sound Design

We deliver an array of professional Sound Design services at affordable prices – Instantly transporting your audience into your film or game’s reality.

About Visionary Sound – The Post Poduction Sound Company

We are a group of professional sound guys with over 20 years of combined on-the-job experience working in the film and game industry. Having successfully worked across multiple platforms, such as films, TV, radio and video games, we not only understand what your production needs to stand out from the crowd, but how to take your vision and turn it into sounds that tell your story and emotionally engage your audience.

"Sound is an essential element to any production and will almost always be the tipping point of your project being classified as professional or amateur..."

WIth our dedicated Pro-Tools HD post production studios, you can benefit from affordable high quality sound services that will increase your production value. Not only do we offer first class audio post production solutions, our location recording services attaches seamlessly to your film crew, kick-starting your production chain with high quality audio recordings.

We are a trusted source for professional audio, with a worldwide client base and international recognition. Get in touch with Visionary Sound today for your free no obligation quote on all of our post production sound services.

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